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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Blue Dragon Launch

Earlier this week, I attended an Iron Chef style competition at the Dirty Apron for the BC launch a new line of Asian sauces by Blue Dragon. Already available in Quebec and Ontario, these sauces make it easy for home chefs to create Chinese, Thai, Japanese and Vietnamese dishes.
IMG_1449 There are Curry Pastes, Sauces, as well as cans of Coconut Milk and a variety of bottled Dipping Sauces, such as chili or a nuoc cham (fish sauce). There are sauces for stir fries as well.
IMG_1464 All these sauces make it easy to inject maximum flavours in minimum time. In addition to these sauces, they also have Spring Roll Wrappers and Dried Rice Noodles too.
IMG_1465 Essential to many curry recipes is Coconut Milk because it helps to reduce the heat. These are available from Blue Dragon as well, in both regular and a light version too. 
IMG_1450 Competing in this cooking contest were a handful of popular bloggers. Here we have Karm and Crystal from Vancitybuzz.
IMG_1456 We also have Catherine Roscoe Barr of The Life Delicious Blog as well as Cassandra Anderton of Good Life Van.
IMG_1457 Can you tell who these two lovey ladies are?
IMG-20121119-00279 None other than Dawn Chubai of BT Vancouver and Mary Sheridan of Vancouver Bits and Bites Blog.
IMG_1468 We also have Ben Garfinkel and Mark Busse of Industrial Brand and Foodists, who ended up winning the competition, scoring $1000 each for their respective charities..
IMG-20121119-00276 And also cooking up a storm is Rick Green of B.C. Beer Blog. I didn't get a chance to grab the name of his cooking partner, but it looks like she was doing more of the work.
IMG_1467 All done! Check out the Stir-fry Noodles with Prawn Skewers from the VancityBuzz team, they came in third overall!
IMG_1470 These are two of the judges, Nathan Fong and Stephanie Yuen. The event was well attended and really served to showcase the vast variety of Asian dishes that can be made from the many sauces in the Blue Dragon line. Be sure to give them a try next time you're stuck for dinner ideas. You can find them in your grocery aisle as well as online. 

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  1. Anonymous4:42 PM

    Very kind of you, Grace ;-). My partner was Nicole Parton, the former consumer columnist for The Vancouver Sun.



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