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Monday, November 12, 2012

Elements for Brunch

Back in July, I was attending the Long Table Dining Series out in Whistler. We were there for a few days and so we had planned a few brunches and dinners while we were up there. One of the places that we heard about was Elements, supposedly a great place for brunch. IMG-20120721-02149 There are a few decadent items on the menu, the first being the Benny Stack. The stack consisted of bacon, sausage, tomatoes and two poached eggs. We asked for the Hollandaise sauce on the side, so the eggs do look a little naked. There was supposed to be a portobello mushroom, but that was missing. Also missing was a toasted English muffin, which is supposed to come with every Elements Benedict. 
When we asked about the English muffin, they brought it promptly. When we mentioned the mushroom, the waitress seemed as confused as we were. 
We thought it was nice that they brought us the English muffin so quickly, but we were dismayed to see that they had charged us for it as a side. This dish was a little greasy, but the highlight was the potato tartlet, sort of a mix between a latke and a hash, this was tasty and surprisingly light.  IMG-20120721-02151 Another breakfast item we  tried was the Honey Ham and Brie Stuffed French Toast. You get a thick chunk of the French toast, with a few slices of honey ham and brie cheese stuffed inside. This was really not as decadent as it appears. The saltiness from the ham and brie takes away from the sweetness of the French toast so the whole thing actually works. The crust on the toast is amazing and the inside is soft and moist, just the way it should be. If you like your toast sweeter, take advantage of the Canadian Maple Syrup served alongside. For $10, this is a heck of a breakfast. This seemed a little reminiscent of the Panettone toast served at Q4 on Broadway. This wasn't as sweet but both are a bit over the top.
Both items were served with a little shooter of mango puree, which was a pleasant little addition. 

Take Note:

  • Waits are long so go early and late, avoid prime dining times
  • Staff is a bit unfocused, but pleasant
  • Benny Stack is no longer on the menu

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