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Friday, November 23, 2012


Another VANEATSca Package? Yes Please! This time, we were going to check out Bonchaz at Broadway and Main for their latest Dining Pass "SUPERBonchaz" for just $6.50. The deal gets you three items. Specifically, you get:
Bonchaz of your choice:

  • "Original", butter & icing sugar
  • "Banana Walnut", fresh bananas & California walnuts
  • "Matcha", matcha coconut green tea

Sandwich of your choice:

  • "Avocado & Brie", avocado, double cream brie & balsamic on our homemade bread
  • "The Vegan", tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, hummus, sprouts and roasted peppers on our homemade Italian-herbed baguette
  • "Beef Bulgogi", Korean-inspired sliced ribeye marinated in soy sesame oil, with red onion, garlic and a hint of honey in our homemade hoagie bread

Soup of the Day, vegan option available

Because I was in a rush the day I went, I decided to get the whole shebang "To-Go". They were nice enough to accommodate so all the pictures are taken in my kitchen.
Corn Chowder with Spicy Italian SausageFirst up, we have the Soup of the Day, and no, I didn't go with the vegan option. Heck no, in fact, the one I chose that day was the Corn Chowder with Spicy Italian Sausage, almost anti-vegan. The soup was uber thick, and I love the chunks of potato. The corn tasted super fresh and still had a light bite to it, not like your average creamed corn. The spicy sauce was plentiful and had just a bit of heat. It tastes very homemade and there was even a bay leaf in my serving! 

IMG_1537 And here is the Bulgogi Beef Sandwich, all made fresh to order. The beef smelled heavenly in the car on the way home. I couldn't wait to give this a try. The marinated beef was cooked with some red peppers and some onions. The fresh bun is very good and thick enough to hold all the juiciness of the filling. The thinly sliced beef really absorbed the sweet/salty marinade, and the sandwich was very easy to eat. It was squishable, unlike a banh mi. I realize that they are completely different but it's hard not to compare two Asian-style sandwiches. Although the only reason I'm comparing is because of the filling I chose. I ended up squirting a bit of sriracha sauce onto my sandwich for a bit of heat, but if your tastes run on the milder side, you'll probably love the flavours as is. I found the sandwich to be quite filling too. 
Chocolate & Hazelnut Bonchaz And for dessert, I got the Chocolate Truffle Bonchaz. The cookie like exterior hides a soft and fluffy interior, as well as a huge dollop of chocolate truffle inside. I've never had one of these before and really enjoyed the mixture of the two textures. I found the chocolate to be just enough, it isn't a chocolate bun, it's more like a bun with hits of chocolate. I really enjoyed this and would definitely prefer this over a donut.
See the VANEATSca offer and video:

Other things you should know:

  • Dates: November 8, 2012 - March 4, 2013
  • Purchase Limit: 1 pass per person, plus 1 additional as gift 
  • Redeem limit: 1 pass per person 
  • Not valid for cash back (unless required by law) 
  • Must use in one visit, dine-in only at Bonchaz at 189 East Broadway, Vancouver 
  • Does not cover gratuity 
  • Cannot be combined with other offers
**VANEATs gave me a complimentary pass for the offer.**

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