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Sunday, November 04, 2012

Whet - Revisited

I first went to try Whet as part of the VANEATSca Dining Package but was invited back by Chef Peter Gray for a repeat performance of the Crispy Duck Confit (which wasn't so crispy last time). corn bread 3
During our first visit, we had ordered a Jambalaya which came with their Corn Bread on the side. It was so delicious we had to order it on its own this time. And yes, the cheddar and jalapeno topping really elevates this corn bread, and the texture is moist enough for me, unlike regular corn bread. 
tuna tataki
We also tried another item on their appetizer menu, the Tuna Tataki. This was a really pretty dish, full of vibrant colours. The Albacore tuna is crusted with black and white sesame seeds and then seared. There is a ginger soy glaze as well as a beet root reduction. Underneath the tuna is a few strands of slightly wilted green onions and on top is a sprinkling of ikura. There is also some black tobiko on the plate as well. The flavours are quite pronounced but the freshness of the tuna really shines through. The yam puree is mixed with a bit of orange juice and the sweetness is a good match to the ginger soy glaze. 

Crispy Duck Leg 5
And here is the star of the show, the Crispy Duck Confit. This was completely different from the dish we had previously and the crispiness of the skin is unmistakeable this time around. The grilled flavour really shines through and the flavour of the duck much more pronounced, probably due to a lighter hand with the glaze. The plantain and yam chips were sliced thinner than before too. As well, the plums were grilled for longer and their flavours were more developed too. This was a much better rendition than my first visit and I enjoyed it much more this time around. 
Dungeness Crab Cake 4
And to finish off dinner, we decided to get one more item, but I doubt we could have had another full entree. So we opted for the Crab Cake, and although this is a pricier item, this crab cake has no filler whatsoever. The Dungeness Crab from Lobster Man is mixed with mint, jalapeno, ginger, garlic, cilantro, tomatillo, oregano and then topped with a bit of coconut and lemon zest. The crab cake is seared and then finished in the oven, which makes is super juicy. The flavours of this dish is really complex, with each bite being slightly different from the last. Finishing the dish with a bit of salsa verde and a Cajun aioli, the was a really stellar appetizer and great for crab lovers.
As mentioned, I had tried When as part of the VANEATSca package, details of that $30 Dining Pass is below:
  • Prawn, Shrimp, & Wild Mushrooms Salad, pan seared prawns and wild local mushrooms, hand peeled shrimp, arugula, grapefruit, taro root crisps, lemon-hazelnut vinaigrette 
  • Coconut Scallop Ceviche, hand peeled shrimp, citrus, ginger, jalapeño, corn chips, tobiko & ikura 
  • Choice of the following: 
    • Crispy Duck Leg, Confit of Fraser Valley duck leg, sweet chill ginger sauce, yam & plantain chips, sesame seeds, grilled plums 
    • Red Honey-Curry Coho, wild BC Coho, saffron yoghurt, hot pickled lime puree, candied almonds, cinnamon market vegetable 
  • 2 Sleeves of Angry Scotch Ale, Russell Brewing Company's strong, dark ale with dominant malt accent that originated in Edinburgh. Made with Scottish specialty malts including Peated Malt imparting a slight smoky character to the beer.

You can purchase the package at VANEATSca.
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  1. Thanks for a Great Review. Glad the duck came through as it should this time around. Thanks again for your time!



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