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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pig - A bit of a disappointment

After being up since 5:30 to catch the 7am ferry and a nice long nap after we arrived in Victoria, we started our hunt for food. The first place we hit up was Pig, a BBQ spot recommended by friends from Vancouver. The decor is cute and the service is fairly self serve, a very casual spot.  IMG_1311 Maybe they should have called this place The Flying Pig, oh, wait, someone in Yaletown already did that. IMG_1309 As I am currently on holidays, I decided to start my lunch with a nice cocktail, a Caesar. The flavours were average in the drink itself, but the rim with their barbecue season was amazing. I really liked that rim. They don't decorate their ceasars here, just a pickle is all you get.  IMG_1316 Since it was our first time here, we got a few things to try. From the top, we have a piece of Fried Chicken, then to the right of that, we have the Bacon Explosion. Beneath that are the Hot Wings and finished off with a half slab of BBQ Ribs.  IMG_1312 First up, the Fried Chicken. This was a moist piece of bird, but I didn't really care for the creamy bechamel-likesauce that they drizzled on it. What's the point of having crispy skin if you are just going to make it soggy? The parts that escaped the drenching was crunchy, with a nice light flavour and the chicken inside was still juicy. At $3.25, this was a similar to Church's Chicken in pricing, but the taste was better, I just wish they didn't pour the sauce on it.   IMG_1313 And we also tried the Bacon Explosion, which was appropriately named, as it was a bomb. For those of you who like your bacon crispy (and that's how most people like it), this is not the sandwich for you. This explosion is essentially a lattice weave of bacon, then filled with sausage meat and then wrapped and baked. This does not make for crispy bacon. The fat from the sausage oozes out during cooking and makes the bacon soggy and even fattier than before. What they should consider doing is frying these bacon wrapped sausages before assembling the burger. As it was, this was just a sausage with limp bacon wrapped around it. It's the first time I met a bacon I didn't like.    IMG_1314 We then tried the Half Rack of Ribs. This had a nice smoky flavour and the meat had a great char on it. You would think that a place like this would know the basic of grilling and remember to remove the membrane on the underside, but no. We actually had to remove it ourselves. Once we did it, the ribs were falling off the bones but they weren't tender. In fact, it was dry. We needed a few of their sauces to just finish up the ribs.  IMG_1315 The last thing we tried were the Spicy Chicken Wings and this was the best of the bunch. Very spicy, but made better by the bottled sauces again. The wings weren't too crispy, but they were good enough. The meat was still moist and tender. The portion was quite good and we actually ended up taking some of this home. I guess we could have tried their Pulled Pork or Beef Brisket instead and might have had a different experience, but given only two of the four items we tried were good, I don't know if I'd take the risk and try this place again.

Take Note:

  • Good fried chicken, just tell them to skip the sauce
  • Lots of Bourbon cocktails
  • Not the best BBQ I've had but might be the best in Victoria?
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