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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Revisiting Poor Italian

Although Poor Italian is in my neighbourhood, I find myself visiting other newer restaurants in the city instead. So when a friend from out of town wanted to meet up for dinner, I decided on giving this place a try.
bread Things have changed quite a bit here from the original days, the first of which is the bread basket. Gone are the stromboli-like pieces, just focaccia and baguette and some breadsticks. What's left is still good, but a little more common. 
caprese salad Starting off the meal, we tried the Insalata Caprese with some Mozzarella di Buffala. The to heirloom tomatoes are very fresh, and the imported mozzarella had just a touch of saltiness.  The olive oil and balsamic dressing paired well with the dish and gave it a creamy richness.
carpaccio Another appetizer we had was the Carpaccio. The thinly sliced beef was topped with some arugula, capers and a few slices of parmesan.  The beef was very tender and moist, with just a slight sear on the edges. Well executed and great with a bit of the focaccia in the bread basket. 
lamb For the mains, we opted for the Rack of Lamb, part of their special autumn menu. The accompaniments are peppers, potato wedges and a few pieces of asparagus. The lamb was cooked to a perfect medium, deliciously juicy from the little bit of fat inside the rack. The breading for the crust was flavoured with garlic, salt and pepper, fairly simple but with a great cut of lamb, you don't need much more than that. The olive based sauce was rich and had a sweetness that helped balance out the saltiness of the meat.  
linguine vongole And no Italian meal is complete without a pasta dish and we decided to go with the Linguine Vongole. The linguine is tossed with an olive oil and white wine sauce, with a lot of garlic and plenty of clams. The tomatoes helped to make the dish very pretty, and gave it a freshness too. The pasta was cooked to a perfect al dente and the clams were richly flavoured with the garlic. Our server was excellent and divided up the dish for us. It was a delightful dish and was a good way to end the meal.

Take Note:

  • Menu changes seasonally but some favourites will remain
  • Pastas are always cooked perfectly
  • Closed Mondays, and dinner service only on the weekends. 
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