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Monday, April 08, 2013

Bites at Bayou on Bay

IMG_2571 We decided to head to Las Vegas over the Easter long weekend. As many of you know, flying out of Bellingham and Seattle is much ore affordable than flying out of YVR. Leaving Thursday afternoon, we were stuck looking for a place for dinner. There a quite a few Mexican restaurants near the airport and there is always Bellis Fair, the ones we looked at all had mixed reviews. We actually found a Cajun place called Bayou on Bay and decided to give it a try.
IMG_2575 It is supposed to be quite warm in Vegas and I didn't pack anything warm but it was rather cool at night in Bellingham. What better way to warm up than with a Blueberry Tea? An Earl Grey tea with a splash of Grand Marnier and Amaretto, the drink was quite strong but unfortunately it wasn't as piping hot as I wanted (or needed) it to be. But the booziness of the drink warmed my up anyhow.
IMG_2578 2 They had a daily specials board and one thing that piqued our interest was the Gator Dip. Served with almost an entire loaf of bread, this cream-cheese based dip rich and creamy. Baked with a thin layer of mozzarella on top and loaded with quite a few large chunks of gator meat, this was really quite good for $8.
IMG_2582 I was really craving Chicken Wings and figured that wings would be pretty hard to mess up. Well, I was proven wrong. First of all, they weren't even wings! What arrived was a plate of shrivelled up drummettes, with leathery looking skin. One bite and it was obvious that these drummettes had been refried, and not just once, maybe a few times. There was no flavour, no juiciness, and what meat there was left was dry, despite a generous dousing of the barbecue sauce. Total fail, and yes, I still crave Chicken Wings and will be on the hunt in Vegas. We had more than half the order left and didn't bother packing it.
IMG_2584 The Jambalaya was a huge improvement, probably due to the the awfulness of the previous dish. The rice was steaming hot, and loaded with baby shrimp, chunks of crawfish, bits of chorizo, and some veggies including okra. We added the grilled sausage for $2, but you really don't need to. The dish was more than enough on its own, in fact, there was so much rice we couldn't finish it all. In the end, we just picked out all the seafood.
Service was cordial and efficient but nothing to rave about. She did apologize when I explained why we didn't pack the wings because they were really bad, but she still charged us for them.
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  1. Bayou is unfortunately erratic and I've noticed the same--apologies but no discounts or charges removed for dishes that turn out badly.



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