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Monday, April 08, 2013

Pre-Show Dinner at Arm's Reach Bistro

Another North Vancouver venture? Sure why not? We had gotten tickets to Sherlock and Watson Save the Empire at the Deep Cove Shaw Theatre so dinner in North Van seemed like a no-brainer. So the hunt was on, and we decided to check out Arms Reach Bistro, which is just a few steps away from the theatre.  
2013-03-08 18.38.42 
Kicking off the night, we started off with a cocktail each. I went for the French 75 in the forefront. The drink is a simple blend of gin, lemon, prosecco and sugar. Simple but when made right, it packs a punch, must be the bubbles. The other beverage is Pisco Sour, topped with a good amount of foamy egg white, surprisingly tart.  
2013-03-08 18.46.48 The bread is warm! But be careful you don't fill up on this, it's very tempting. A child at the table next to us had about 3 pieces slathered with butter, prompting the parents to take it away. The child proceeded to eat the butter on its own.
2013-03-08 19.05.43 We decided to order two mains to share, worried that a heavy meal might put us to sleep during the play. We opted for one healthy option, and a more decadent one. This is the lighter of the two, and is a simple Roasted Lingcod, on a bed of corn risotto which had chunks of wine cured chorizo & lobster meat. The risotto was not as heavy as you would think and paired well with the roasted fish. I liked the crust on the fish and was pleasantly surprised by the amount of lobster in the dish. 
2013-03-08 19.06.40 This is heavenly and pure decadense. I've always been a sucker for baked pastas, and this one does not disappoint. Upon checking in on foursquare, the most popular tip was to try this Oven-baked Spaghetti. The pasta is nicely al dente, and the tomato and meat sauce are heated through with a general portion of bocconcini. I found the dish a bit too oily, there is some pooling of oil on the bottom of the pan, but this is unavoidable with you're melting cheesy goodness. The baking process also gets the noodles on the edges of the pan slightly crispy!

Take Note:

  • Wide variety of items including Butter Chicken
  • Great views
  • Make reservations or be prepared for long waits

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