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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Pizza and Pasta at Spago

Upon our arrival in Vegas, our first meal was lunch and I decided on Spago at Caesar's Palace. I figured we would be in need for comfort food after waking up at 5:30 in Bellingham for our very early flight. I think I was right. I was definitely in the mood for carbs.
I do love the skies at Caesars, making you think that it was a late afternoon, even though it was actually only noon. I guess it makes it easier to indulge in heavier fare when you think it's later in the day. Were it brighter, I would have felt like bacon and eggs or something else. 
IMG_2603 2 One of the items that caught my eye was this, a Corpse Reviver #2 (I guess #1 didn't work?). Thankfully, I didn't have a need for this (yet), but now that I have the menu, there's a mental note in my head for the next time I might need "reviving".
So what did we get? I started my Vegas vacation with a glass of Hawk Crest Cabernet Sauvignon and we also tried a Ginger Lime Tea.
First to arrive was our Lamb Pizza. The thin slices of lamb chorizo had just a bit of tomato sauce on it, with a very light touch of goat cheese. Although rapini and sun dried tomatoes are supposed to be there, it was barely noticeable, as you can see from above. The goat cheese was there, but the additional freshly shaved parmesan made it even better (after the picture was taken).
IMG_2612 Our other carbo-loading entree was the Pasta a la Bolognaise. Since the pasta was a fairly vague description, we asked the waitress what type of pasta it was. She informed us that it was a garganelli (one of my favourites, see the one I had in Trattoria in Vancouver) and definitely not penne. So we decided to order it. However, this was not garganelli, is it? In fact, it looks like penne, just not cut on a bias. Maybe she got the two confused?? Oh well, the braised beef was abundant, and the tomatoes and cheese were both very fresh. And in case you are thinking this is a very small portion, it's actually half of a whole order, they split it up for us.
I didn't think the food was outstanding, the service was good, and the pasta was good, but everything seemed to lack an "oomph" factor. It seemed they were trying to make food that would appeal to the masses, instead of making something extraordinary. They succeeded, but I would have liked more punchy tastes and things that would make them stand out in my mind. 

Take Note:

  • Every table had a pizza, yours should too.
  • Ask for chili flakes, shaved parmesan, anything to enhance your entree.
  • If you like lime, they have a Key Lime Pie Baked Alaska!

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