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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Brunch at Thomas Keller's Bouchon

Maybe I don't come to Vegas enough (something I intend to change in the future), but Thomas Keller's Bouchon was one of the hardest restaurants to find during our whole trip! Located in the recesses of the Venetian, we had to hunt this place down. We decided to visit only one buffet this trip and that was the Wicked Spoon. We opted for the sake of our stomachs to choose quality over quantity.IMG_2821 To be honest, we needed every arrow to guide us towards our destination. And hurray, we found it! Good thing too because we were hungry!
There is a Daily Specials menu featuring some amazing things for our Easter Brunch, the Lobster and Crab Benedict sounds pretty good, doesn't it? I'm not a fan of omelet but I could make an exception for one filled with prosciutto!  IMG_2822 No reservations are allowed for brunch or lunch, only for dinner. Friends have warned me about the waits, one has waited up to an hour! Thankfully, we arrived early and the wait was "only" 20 minutes. They did have little Mini Muffins on hand to feed those who need a bit of nourishment for their hangover. They were fluffy, buttery and a cute little bite. The almond sliver topping gave the little bite a nice contrasting texture. IMG_2824 Once seated, our waiter brought us our Warm Bread, along with some fresh butter and jam. The bread was warm and I loved how they serve the little buns while still connected and blanketed in a towel to keep them warm. 
Now some people would think coffee is the best accompaniment for brunch, but when in Vegas, a cocktail is the beverage of choice. And for me, it was a French Margarita. This little breath of fresh air consists of Grey Goose, Sauza Hornitos tequila, cranberry & lime juice (for the vitamins), with a bit of fresh sour and served on the rocks, complete with a salted rim. IMG_2829 As part of the Breakfast Américaine, we got to start off with a lovely Chocolate Croissant, again served warm. The flakiness of this is unlike anything I have ever seen. The pastry itself is nice and light with a creamy chocolate centre. There is no way to eat this cleanly, the flakiness is messy but oh, so worth it! IMG_2839 The next part of the Breakfast Américaine is a plate of two eggs any style (we went for poached) served with bacon, AND country sausage with some toasted brioche. Yes, you don't have to choose between bacon and sausage here, you get both! The eggs are a perfect sunny side up, and sit atop a slice of their brioche toast, with another slice on the side. The toast is a perfect foil for the runny egg yolk. The sausage was a bit fatty but we asked for the bacon to be crispy and it was exactly as ordered. IMG_2841 They had an unlisted special for brunch, the Steak and Eggs. Oh yes please! Touted as an 8oz sirloin, I really think this was bigger that. I loved how they grilled the sides instead of just the top and bottom. The brioche was good, and better than the potatoes in my book. I could have had a bit more of heat on the eggs, but I didn't request it, and this was good enough. For $26, this was well worth it.
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  1. Anonymous7:43 PM

    Mmm. Poached eggs and crispy bacon - yummy. I wouldn't have thought of a French restaurant at the Venetian.

    1. Check out my latest post...a Gordon Ramsay place in the Paris Hotel. :)

  2. Working on posting this one now.. thanks!!



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