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Monday, March 18, 2013

Society Sundays - kids eat free!

Black and Blue as part of the Glowbal Passport Quest. As part of the promotion that Glowbal Group ran in February - March 2013, I visited all seven of the restaurants. Here is my post of Society in Yaletown.
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One of the cool things about coming here is that Kids Eat Free on Sundays. They have to order off the kids menu, but that's normal. grilled cheese To make the Grilled Cheese and Fries a bit healthier, we asked for some carrot sticks on the side. And this is what came...hmmm...we wanted carrot sticks AND fries. Not to worry, we mentioned it to the staff and they said they would bring out some fries in a bit. The grilled cheese was better and bigger than I expected. They don't use processed cheese here, not even for the kiddies. This gooey factor from the aged cheddar was high here. And yes, this is available on the adult menu too. grilled cheese 3 Here we go, some freshly made fries, served along with their housemade ketchup. They were very lightly salted with just enough grease to give the outer edge a crunch. More than enough food for most kids.  root nachos 3 We decided to get an appetizer to share, but something on the healthier side. We ordered the Root Vegetable “Nachos”. Essentially, this was like a nachos made with Terra Chips, instead of corn tortilla chips. Drenched in mozzarella cheese and topped with sour cream and guacamole, the root vegetables were just a touch too greasy for my liking but I did like how the slices were very thin and delicate. fish and chip 2 One of our entrees was The Fishermen’s Fry with a combination of salmon and cod, as well as some shellfish. All were battered and fried, looking like little fritters. On the bottom are some more fries and there is plenty of tartar sauce too. These had a really good crunch but again, just a touch on the oily side. meat sweats 2 For our other entree, we went for the Meat Sweats Burger. Why is it called meat sweats? Well, in addition to the burger patty itself, the toppings include bacon, and pulled pork. Add some cheddar, onion rings, and a fried egg, and you've pretty much set yourself up for the messiest burger in town. I asked for the pulled pork on the side, because I couldn't imagine how high this meat tower could be. meat sweats 5 In the end, I chickened out of eating the "proper" way and deconstructed it even further. I took out the onion rings and just ate it like a bacon cheeseburger, with a fried egg. The pulled pork had a nice smokey flavour when I did get around to it, it actually went really well with the fries. The patty was juicy and the bacon nice and crispy. I don't know if it's possible to eat this thing stacked as they planned, but even the way I did it, juices are running down your arms. You can actually add a fried egg to any of the burgers and I highly recommend it, the yolk gives the burger a juiciness that is totally unique.

Take Note:

  • Even though there is a deal for kids on Sunday, it's not too crazy or noisy
  • Entire food menu is 50% on  Tuesdays
  • The appetizer platter is a great way to try a bit of everything

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  1. Anonymous9:13 PM

    A fried egg on (almost) anything is always better!



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