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Monday, April 08, 2013

Quick White Spot Revisit

One of the comforting things about chain restaurants is their predictability. And White Spot is a perfect example of that. But they do try to keep things fresh by adding seasonal items, such as different types of burgers and various pastas. This time, they were featuring Fish and Chips. We wanted to try a few more things, and realized that we were actually in time for their Happy Hour menu. Yes, White Spot has happy hour! From 3-6 daily, select appetizers are only $6.
Nachos This is the Shanghai Chicken Nachos. It's a little odd and carelessly pulled together, with the toppings scattered quite unevenly over the wonton crisps, some had hardly anything on top. But we rejigged it amongst ourselves and the roasted chicken with the soy cilantro marinade was actually quite good. There could have been more cheese and a bit less hoisin sauce but overall, this was a pleasant bite.
Dry Ribs Another old standby is the Nat’s Crispy Dry Ribs. We found these a bit too dry; they seemed either overdone or worse, refried. Simply tossed in Salt and Pepper, these were fair, and worth the $6 but I was disappointed by them.
Fish & Chips 2 
As I mentioned earlier, they were featuring their Fish and Chips, so we decided to try them. They normally use cod for this entree, but the deal was $16.99 for two pieces of Halibut and bottomless fries. Since there were three of us, we added a few extra dollars for a third piece of fish. Well, I have to say, this was stellar. Crispy and light batter with a super flaky and juicy fish on the inside. These were cooked to a rich golden colour and weren't oily at all. Definitely worth the visit.

Take Note:

  • The staff are very young and they seem short-staffed all the time. No one clearing empty tables.
  • Skip the ribs but give their other appies a try.
  • Burgers are always solid but the fries can sometimes be really greasy.    

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