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Friday, April 26, 2013

Cafe Carthage - Dish Crawl - Second Stop

Second Stop of Dishcrawl Vancouver: Silk Road Tour - Carthage Cafe!
Doigts de Fatima, tunisian salad
I have been to Carthage Cafe before after they were featured in the Vancouver Courier a few months ago. See my previous review. For our tasting, we started off with Doigts de Fatima, served with a side of Tunisian Salad. This spring roll style appetizer was filled with a blend of cheese, tuna, and boiled eggs. The mixture is held together with more eggs. I found the texture more spongy than crispy, though I was surprised by how light the wrapper was. The filling was rather dense as well. I did enjoy the salad, which had a refreshing mix of apple, tomatoes, and bell peppers in a tangy vinaigrette, served on a butter lettuce leaf.
Merguez Couscous The next dish was the Merguez Coucous and I really enjoyed this one. The sausages are a blend of lamb and beef and were surprisingly juicy. The mixed vegetables were plentiful and completely hid the huge portion of coucous underneath. The bed of coucous absorbed all the flavours and juices from the sausages and vegetables above, and it was sensational.
To be honest, this was already quite a bit of food, but wait there's more! Here is the Lamb Tagine! This place is a meatlover's heaven! 
Lamb Shank Tagine Inside the tagine was large chunks of Lamb Shank, and again, lots of mixed vegetables, all slow roasted together. There was also an interesting addition of raisins and olives to the mixture. And although you can see that there are lots of juices in the dish, the lamb itself was a bit tough and a touch dry.
There was lots of food at this stop and I couldn't believe there were two more stops! 

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