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Monday, April 29, 2013

Dark Table - what the food really looks like!

There are lots of reviews for Dark Table online, but not very many with pictures. Here I am going to demystify the experience for you! But don't keep reading if you want to be surprised. Their menu changes frequently, and there are specials as well, so it's probable that the food you see below will not be the food you actually eat.

You place your order with the hostess outside and are then told to wait until one of the servers comes out to guide you inside. You place your hand on your server's shoulder and are led to your table. You are given a Bread Roll, Butter and water (they weren't licensed when I went, not sure if they are now). A knife and for are also at your table. This is where it gets interesting...try to butter the roll! We managed to put our fingers into the butter dish, getting more butter on our hands than on the roll.

You have a choice of two ($33) or three ($39) courses, and we decided on doing the three course version. The appetizer is a surprise, and it's the same or everyone. On the night we went, it was a Green Salad. Trying to figure out what you are eating, while trying to stab at little pieces of lettuce and arugula is very difficult! Several times, I would bring the fork to my mouth only to realize that I had nothing on my fork! No picture of this because I actually finished it.  IMG_1987This was their Surprise Entree, and it's actually a Stuffed Chicken Breast with some potatoes, carrots and some beets. The sauce was creamy and garlicy and quite rich. I couldn't finish it all. And no, the chicken isn't raw, that tinge of pink is from the beets. I would say that the temperature of the dish was a bit too cool for my taste, especially with such a creamy sauce.  IMG_1988This next item is a regular on their menu, and it's the Beef Tenderloin. Unlike the chicken, which was served more or less whole, the beef is sliced into bite sized pieces for you. The vegetables are a repeat of the ones accompanying the chicken. We asked for a medium rare, and it seemed a touch over, but certainly nothing to really complain about. In fact, because I couldn't see the steak, it made it hard for me to judge just how cooked it really was. The serving size was decent, but again, it arrived lukewarm. Perhaps it's a safety feature so you don't burn yourself while trying to eat in the dark. Hmm, wonder if they serve soup here?IMG_1989 The dessert was a Fruitcake and was quite moist, despite appearances. There were nuts and fruit embedded throughout but the flavour was more bland than sweet. Overall, it was interesting and gives you a short-lived glimpse of what it's like to be blind. Unfortunately, the food doesn't add much to the experience. It's something you might want to try as a novelty but I can't imagine there being too many repeat customers.  
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