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Friday, April 26, 2013

Dishcrawl - Silk Road on Commercial Drive

I attended my very first Dishcrawl event last week after being invited to it by the new Vancouver Dishcrawl ambassador, Yana Kim

I didn't know what Dishcrawl was, so I did some research and found out that they guide you to four restaurants in a cool part of town over the course of an evening.

To add an aura of mystery, we were not told where to meet until 48 hours before the event began. Our event was themed Silk Road, and all we knew was that we would visit four restaurants within walking distance, all on Commercial Drive but that was about it!
aloo tikki, Baingan Bharta, saag, naan
Our group of 30 met at Siddhartha's for our first tasting. We sampled traditional Indian fare, such as naan, aloo tikka and more. Read the review here.

Merguez Couscous

Next stop? A short stroll to Carthage Cafe for some Tunisian and French cuisine. We had salads, something called Fatima's Fingers (!), and amazing merguez sausages. Read the review here.


The third stop took us to Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria, where we were served an amazingly rich tomato bisque and a refreshing Caprese Salad. Read the review here.


Our final stop of the nice brought us to Italy in the form of Caffe Calabria, where we helped ourselves to a trio of sorbetto in fun decorated space. Read the the review here.

All food, taxes and tips are included in the price, but any additional beverages are subject to extra charges. To learn about future Dishcrawl events, visit:

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