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Monday, April 08, 2013

Munching at Mogu

It's been a while since I had a food truck lunch, so on a fairly bright day last month, we ventured over to Mogu just a few blocks away. There wasn't a lineup, which was a bit surprising for me. But I think the food truck frenzy is slowing down a touch. mogu b For $11, you can get a Sandwich Combo, with a Mini Chicken Karaage and your choice of three types of sandwiches, pork, chicken or kobacha (squash) and a drink as well.
  chicken karaage 
This is the Sweet & Spicy Chicken Karaage. There are three pieces in the cup and it's definitely freshly fried. I think the combo only comes with two pieces now. It was super moist and juicy on the inside with a very satisfying crunch on the exterior. My only complaint would be that utensil that accompanies the chicken. It's just a small skewer, and doesn't really stab securely onto the chicken. I would hate to drop this on the ground, but then again, that's a minor complaint. 
pork katsu 
With the karaage devoured, we started on the Pork Miso Katsu sandwich. The pork cutlet is breaded and deep fried. The sauce is miso based, and slighlty on the sweet side. The The coleslaw had a nice  punch, with hints of wasabi in the dressing. The cutlet was large, juicy and satisfying, I also liked that fact the grilled the bun too. Next  time you're looking for a burger, skip the fast food chains and give Mogu a try. 
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