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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dinner now available at Chez Meme!

A few weeks ago, I took my parents to Chez Meme for lunch for the very first time. I know their French Onion Soups are amazing, and there sandwiches are just the best, having been there last year. 
IMG-20121012-00070 Since these are their two most solid items, I decided to get the French Onion Soup and the Jambon sandwich. I like the little extra mustard they give you on the side, and the crusty bread is perfect to soak up the melting brie. I had heard that they were now opening for dinner (Tues-Sat) so we made plans for a revisit. 
My stepdad decided to follow my lead from lunch and ordered the French Onion Soup to start. I can't help but notice that the lunchtime one was cheesier and even a slight bit fuller. The flavours were the same, so I'm guessing that the broth was the same as lunch but the topping of bread and cheese were done by different people.
But what we were really there for was the Parmentier, only available for dinner. Every table had one of these cute little red pots loaded with various meats and topped with a layer of creamy mashed potatoes. This is the Morue with cod and a garlic potato topping. I found the dish a tad too fishy for me, probably because that was all that was in there. I think the addition of some vegetables to break up the flavours a bit. Nonetheless, the dish was a success since my mom polished off the whole thing, which she rarely does when we dine out.
The other parmentier we had was the Pepe, which was a mixture of braised beef, mushrooms and some caramelized onions, all topped with the creamy smooth mashed potatoes. The filling had good flavours and the meat was braised to a tender juiciness. The mushrooms gave the dish an earthy flavour, and the caramelized onions helped to sweeten everything. 
As we ate the dish, you can see how densely packed the little container really is. Normally, with these types of pie, as you eat through the filling, you are left with lots of liquid but that's not the case here. It's exactly as described, just meat and potatoes. Serving this in a container helped to keep the meal nice and hot, so you could really take your time to enjoy every mouthful.
IMG_0854 And to lighten things up a bit, I decided to get the Salade de Campagne, with cucumbers, ham, swiss cheese, tomatoes and egg. The ham was sliced into ribbons and was nice and salty. The greens were plentiful and perfectly bite sized. I like the swiss cheese because it gave the dish a mild touch of sharpness. The eggs were freshly cooked, and I always notice this, because I really don't like eggs in salads where they got a greyish tinge to them from being cooked earlier in the day.   
And one more indulgence for my mom, Pommes Frites! We had no intention of ordering this until another table did, and it came right past us. They just looked so good, golden and they smelled good too. Just a touch of salt really is all you need. We managed to polish off every last one between the three of us.

Take Note:

  • Call ahead for reservations
  • Wine list is very reasonably priced
  • Some baguettes and tartines are also available at dinner time. 

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  1. tvlife5:05 PM

    Those parmentiers filled with comfort food look like they'll keep you warm all day long on the coldest day



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