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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Brunch at Yew

A few months ago, we decided to head to Yew for their weekend brunch. They have a three-course brunch offering for only $29, complete with appetizer and dessert.
Under the seafood option for appetizers, we picked with Calamari which came with a nice spicy mayo dipping sauce.
You could also choose oysters, and you get half a dozen with the prix fixe brunch. These come with a soy caviar, some horseradish and Tabasco.
Another option for appetizer that seems to have been taken off their menu was the Crab Tacos. These were wonton crisp boats that were filled with Dungeness Crab and Radish and Sprouts. The dipping sauce was avocado based, with just a hint of heat. The wonton skins were super crispy, almost to the point of crumbly and the tacos fell apart quite easily. If you didn't mind the mess, the crab inside was plentiful and had a sweet taste to it. You can really tell the difference when it's real crab.
For the mains, we went with more the meat dishes since we already had so much seafood. First up was the Steak and Eggs with Sunny Side Up Eggs. It's a sliced braised short rib topped with the eggs and a side of potatoes. The short rib was excellent, a nice rare with a good sear on the outside.  The eggs were okay, but I prefer a crispy brown edge to my eggs and this seems just a tad underdone for my liking. I know some people think crispy edges are bad, so it's more of a personal preference. The potatoes were standard and didn't stand out as being either good or bad.
The other meat dish we tried was a riff on the same, but this time we got it with some poached eggs, and this came with a sprinkle of Hollandaise sauce, and the same Yukon Gold Potatoes. The meat was again done correctly. You can see the grape tomatoes here, but they were obscured by the eggs up above. Both were executed well, but the tomatoes seemed more of an afterthought, ever since I had them grilled at Market, it's all I want!  
With the mains out of the way, it's time to head onto the best thing about brunch, desserts! We started off with their Cobbler, served in it's own little tin. It was a combination of Apples & Brandied Cherries topped with an Oat Crumble. This came with two sauces, a Crème Fraiche & Vanilla Anglaise, both of which I didn't even need, since the crumble was so satisfying on its own. Warm and sweet but with a crunch from the crumble, this was definitely a hit for me.

They also had a variety of Pies on offer and we picked the Rhubarb pie. Again with the Crème Fraiche & Vanilla Anglaise, this was a very large portion for a dessert. I like pies with a lattice topping, only because I know how complicated it is to do, having failed many times. The tanginess of the rhubarb was dampened by the sweet Vanilla Anglaise, and the flavours blended evenly.

Take Note:

  • Menu changes constantly to reflect seasonality
  • Wine Down Sundays mean 50% off all bottle of wines, even at brunch
  • Brunch served on weekends 11:30-2:30

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