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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Escape Ford YVR

What? You want to give me a Ford Escape for the day, to learn about the car, take me skydiving, test the car out on a closed course, show me how to slalom the car and then take me canoeing? And oh, you'll feed me brunch, snacks and a buffet dinner too? Oh, how could I resist!
Screen shot 2012-10-02 at 2.44.16 PM

Before we got into the vehicle, we were given some information on the car itself. For example, 25 recycled plastic bottles are reused in the carpeting of this vehicle. Also, they use materials derived from soy beans in the seat and the headrest. And even the climate controls are made with recycled tires. The vehicle also has a HandsFree Lift Gate, where the hatch opens based on the proximity of the key fob as well a a gentle kicking motion by the rear bumper. And yes, the same motion will close the hatch as well. 
Our Ride

This was going to be our ride for the day...we were the only ones with a Blue car, so if we fell behind, we'd be pretty easy to spot. 
Ready to roll? 
It was a great day for the event, lots of sunshine, a nice clear sky and not a drop of rain on the horizon. Sunroof
I really like the dual moonroof on this car, it almost gives you a sense of having a convertible, almost. It's called the Vist Room and the panoramic system has a fabric mesh deflector that makes the ride quieter.  Dash
This was the centre console, with everything separated into four corners, for Phone, Navigation, Entertainment and Climate controls. You can also mange everything through voice commands as well. The car can recognize up to 10K voice prompts!  Dash 3
With the trip odometer set to zero (essential for the guidebook we are supposed to follow) and a full gas tank, we were ready to roll.
Remember boys and girls,  this is NOT a race. 
  The Book 
This is the Route Map - every destination we were headed to was carefully mapped out, telling us which turn to take, how long until the next turn, and so on. As long as we followed this, we would reach our checkpoints.
First of many arrows 
Also helping us along the way were these Escape arrows. Prior to taking us on this journey, one of the Ford members had driven through the whole course, putting these arrows up so that we knew we were on the right track to our next stop. They thought of everything! 
Blind Spot Light 2
One feature to note is the BLIS® (Blind Spot Information System, essentially, it tells you with an indicator light on your side mirror that there is a car in your blind spot. it also alerts you when traffic is approaching sideways, when you are reversing out of a parking spot, for example. Snack break
First of many treats, cookies, muffins and croissants. Bottled water and coffee for the road too! 
Here is a video of me trying out the Active Park Assist. With just the press of a button, once the system finds a parallel spot large enough to fit the vehicle, it takes over the steering and all the driver has to do is work the gas and brake. Simply brilliant! 
Car Charger 
We also checked out one of Ford's Electric Vehicles. This is not the image I usually think of when someone says, "Car Charger", but that is exactly what this is. With this installed in your home, you can charge a Ford Electric Car in less than four hours.  
Skydiving 4 
We were also encouraged to find out how we could Escape for a Day with Ford, so I decided to suit up and go skydiving.
Here's what I did, I didn't look nearly terrified enough, right?  
And here is what the amazing folks at Ford turned my little video into.  Makes me think I should do lots of risky ventures in front of a blue screen and let these guys make me look like a daredevil. 
To the Track 
Next stop? The BC Driving Centre in Coquitlam. This is a closed course and staffed with driving instructors who really know their cars. The area is paved with airport runway-quality asphalt. And they have 10 acres for off-road training as well.  Pylons
That's a lot of pylons...the course was designed to showcase the Ford Escape's power and agility.
Driver Seat 
After we were given a run-through of the course by one of the instructors, we were let loose on the course. Driver Seat 2
Argh - two hands on the wheel, I am never going to remember this!  On you mark
Deep breath, and get ready to floor it! 
I don't think I knocked any pylons over, did i? 
Once we got our speed demon satisfied, we moved to our next destination, Belcarra Regional Park. The drive was scenic but long. Even after you arrive at the park, it's still a few kilometers before you hit the parking lot.  Belcarra 7
Upon arrival, we were given a brief history of the Tsleil-Waututh First Nations band, as well as some of the legends and songs of their culture. As part of the day, we were going on a short canoe tour with Takaya Tours on a canoe built in the traditional manner but with fibreglass instead of wood. 
Canoe 2
This was the canoe we would head out in, named for the most famous member of the tribe, Chief Dan George, grandfather of the current chief, Chief Justin Sky George. Suited Up As we got ready to board the canoe, we took one last photo as a momento of a really great day with #BCFord, #FordEscapeYVR courtesy of @FordCanada. 
We were also given a video of our fun-filled day. Check it out here!
Oh, I mentioned a Buffet Dinner was involved, right?
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