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Friday, October 05, 2012

Portland Craft - Chicken and Waffles

After being renamed from Coppertank Grill to Portland Craft, I decided it was time for a revisit. The reviews on Urbanspoon for Coppertank was horrendous with a like rating of only 46%. But as Portland Craft, rating jumped to 76%, a whole 30%­. I don`t put that much stock in the ratings, but I wanted tofind out for myself what was up with this place. wine Because I had just been to the Apothic White launch a few days before, the Apothic Red on the menu caught my eye. put a bird on it One of the items that caught my eye was the Put a Bird On It...ummm, what? Turns out, it's their version of Chicken and Waffles. With a buttermilk coating, the chicken is deep fried with a bit of Hop Powder. 
What is Hop Powder? It's what you get when you put dried hops into a coffee grinder to make it into a powder. It does add a bit of bitterness to the batter, but very little, the same as when you add beer to your normal batter. The chicken sits on top of a thin and crispy waffle. You get a bit of maple syrup and gravy on the side as well.
fish and chips My mom, with a lighter appetite decided to go for the Heffweizen Beer Battered Rainbow Trout. The name was a bit confusing, as I was expecting a whole trout, but instead, all we got were three battered pieces of filet and a lot of potatoes. Not what I expected for $15, it should probably be more accurately described as a Trout Tempura. The batter was light, but I think the portion size was just too disappointing for me to appreciate everything else. There were some beans and roasted potatoes as filler, but nothing really stood out for me with this dish. burger
I arrived at my entree selection by default, I did not want a Veggie Shephard's Pie, nor did I want Prawns & Grits. My only other option was the Charcuterie or the Portland Craft Burger. So the burger we had, it was essentially a cheeseburger, with some pickled beets. 
It wasn't spectacular, but I did like the charred bun because it really helps to avoid the soggy bun syndrome which is all too common with a loaded burger. watermelon As part of the Put a Bird on It, we had a slice of watermelon that just seemed so tasty, I couldn't resist. I let my stepdad go to town with the waffle, but that watermelon was mine! Portland Craft on Urbanspoon

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