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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Thanksgiving comes to Koon Bo

So for Thanksgiving, we decided to forego the turkey thing in favour of something else I have been craving. Ever since I became part of the Chinese Bites Signature Dishes Tour, I expected to be swimming in Peking Duck but alas, I ended up swimming in Pork Belly! Time to put an end to this craving and as it is part of the poultry family, duck won over turkey for this festive holiday. 
IMG_0531House Special Shredded Chicken ๆ‰‹็ตฒ้›ž 2 Koon Bo is well-known for a few signature dishes, one of them being their Shredded Chicken ๆ‰‹็ตฒ้›ž. It's actually a combination os steamed chicken, preserved vegetables (I think it was Chinese mustard greens), jellyfish and lots and lots of wonton crisps. The dressing is a soy and sesame based mixture and there is also a lot of sesame seeds through out the dish. This had crunch, great flavours from the preserved vegetables, and appeals to the carnivore in you despite being labelled as a salad on the menu. 
Peking Duck ๅŒ—ไบฌ็‰‡็šฎ้ดจ 2 No turkey here, but this is probably the next best thing, Peking Duck ๅŒ—ไบฌ็‰‡็šฎ้ดจ! They take a  whole roasted duck, thinly shave the skin off and place it on a platter of shrimp chips. They serve it with steamed crepes, as well as some green onions and hoi sin sauce (Chinese BBQ sauce).
Peking Duck ๅŒ—ไบฌ็‰‡็šฎ้ดจ 3 So this is the little taco you end up with, a bit of sauce, some green onions and a piece of glistening Peking Duck skin. Roll it up and you've got a flavourful little packet of ducky goodness. There is a little bit of meat from the duck (but not too much because they save some for the next dish), but what really hits you is the crispy and slightly fatty duck skin. The green onions add the freshness (some places even give you cucumbers to enhance this) and the crepes give it a nice envelope of chewiness. I'll take this over  turkey any day!  
Peking Duck ๅŒ—ไบฌ็‰‡็šฎ้ดจ Lettuce Wrap So what were they saving all the duck meat for? This, the second dish of the two course Peking Duck meal! It's all the duck meat fried up with some veggies and more of the wonton crisps. And again, it's time to play with your food. Grab a lettuce leaf cup, ladle in some of this stir fried duck as well a some more of the hoisin sauce, and the wrap it up. The crunch from the lettuce and the meatiness of the filling makes for a very satisfying bite. 
Deep Fried Stuffed Bean Curd and Honey Garlic Pork ็ต็ถ่ฑ†่…ๆ‹ผ่’œๅญ่œœๆฑ่‚‰ๆ‰’ 6 This is the Deep Fried Stuffed Bean Curd and Honey Garlic Pork ็ต็ถ่ฑ†่…ๆ‹ผ่’œๅญ่œœๆฑ่‚‰ๆ‰’. Sitting on a pedestal, this platter is quite stunning to behold. The honey garlic spare ribs are placed in a spring roll wrapper bowl, sort of like your taco bowl for salads. The spare ribs were a bit sweet for me, but probably perfect for honey garlic fans. The deep fried bean curd had just a bit too much stuff in it for me. The tofu is blended with a mixture of fish, mushrooms and some other veggies but I actually enjoy plain tofu more. This mixture is steamed to doneness and then breaded and deep fried. It seemed a bit dry on the inside for me, so I have to admit, this was the least favourite of the night for me.
Steamed Chicken with Chinese Mushroom ๅŒ—่‡ๆป‘้›ž้ฃฏ 3 And to finish off dinner, we decided on a Steamed Chicken & Mushroom Rice ๅŒ—่‡ๆป‘้›ž้ฃฏinstead of fried rice or noodles, opting for something plainer. The boneless chicken was really tender  and the rice had just enough sauce to soak up. I found the veggies and mushroom as little rough in terms of presentation, perhaps a few knife strokes to make the smaller would have been good. Although there looks to be a lot of topping on this, once you remove the giant mushrooms and veggies, you were actually left with very little chicken. A bit more chicken and I would have been a happy camper. As it was, I was pretty full from the duck so I wasn't really complaining.

Take Note:

  • Everyone gets the Shredded Chicken, look around, you'll see.
  • The Deep Fried Stuff Bean Curd is also popular, I'm just not a fan.
  • The signature whole BBQ duck is also worth trying and must be ordered in advance. 

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