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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Take Sushi - Hidden Gem Close to Home

Determined to visit more places close to home after two very successful ventures (Bosa Foods and Campagnolo Roma), we decided to give Take Sushi in Burnaby a try.
Assorted sashimi 4 We started off with the Assorted Sashimi Combination, which had Tuna (Toro) and Salmon (Sake), as well as two pieces of Shrimp  (Amaebi) , slices of Surf Clam (Hokkigai), te pretty, Red Snapper (Tai) and Octopus (Tako), as well as a curl of Squid (Ika) with some Flying Fish Roe (Tobiko). The presentation was nice enough, and the sashimi pieces weren't so thick as to be off-putting, as I found with the Kita Sushi also close to my place. I would have liked a bit more  greenery with my order, but there was plenty of daikon to make up for it.  
chopped scallop 2
I've never been a fan of cooked scallops, but give me dried (conpoy) or raw, and I'm all over it. So as you can imagine, a Chopped Scallop Roll was in order. What I really liked is how chunky the scallop was. You didn't get the feeling that they were giving you the bits and pieces leftover from some other dish. Also, the mayonnaise used was not overpowering, and they also showed good restraint by not using too much of it. Roll that all up with some finely sliced cucumber, and you've got yourself a good roll. My only complaint would that they could have rolled the sushi a bit tighter.   
mermaid 2
This next roll was one of their Specialty Dishes, called the Mermaid Roll. This roll starts out as a Dynamite Roll (with Tempura Prawns, two of them), as well as some salmon, Tuna, Octopus, Ebi, Surf Clam and Red Snapper on top. There is also a very distinct flavour of Oba (shiso) within the roll too. There was a lot going on here, but the good thing is that each section was different, so you don't get bored by the same flavours over and over again. With one bite, there's some tuna, and then next bite, some ebi. And for under $10, I thought this was pretty good value.  
fish karaage 2
Next up were the cooked dishes. We started off with the Fish Karaage, which was essentially tiny bites of Fish and Chips. I was really happy that the serving was not oily at all, something I find is a common problem with karaage. The dips that came with it were a fermented chili paste and a simple mayonnaise. To be honest, a squirt of lemon was all these battered babies needed. We couldn't finish this serving and took it home, where we found out that it's great when reheated too.
ebi gyoza
And I am a sucker for Ebi Gyoza, but in the true sense, where each gyoza is wrapped around a whole prawn, not prawn paste mixed with pork. The only other place near my house that does this is Sushi Garden, and their version is pretty good. The serving here is only four pieces, but Sushi Garden's is six, I think. But the sear on the skin was good, and the ebi inside still had a bit of the bounce to it, critical in my books. I have found that many places end up with overly dry filling while trying to get the wrapping to brown especially since the juices aren't sealed in like other gyozas.
salmon neck 4
And for the final dish, which we almost forgot about, we had the BBQ Salmon Kama. This is the collar or the neck of the salmon, and it's grilled/broiled with a bit of marinade. The pieces were huge, I mean, really big! And there were two of them. I managed to peel off a large chunk of the cheek and it was super moist and tasty. The skin was crispy as it should be, and the grated daikon was a perfect vessel to dabble soya sauce onto the salmon. Again, we couldn't finish this, but the skin was just as crispy after being toasted in the toaster oven

Take Note: 

  • The sushi chef speaks fluent Mandarin but took the time to ask us if we enjoyed everything. 
  • Closed on Mondays.
  • Cooked items take a while to prepare.

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