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Friday, October 19, 2012

Lunchtime in the Sun at Cactus Club

With all the wet dreary weather we have been having here in Vancouver, I needed to do a post that reminded us of what this city was like in August. Here is a shot of English Bay from inside the newest Cactus Club.
English Bay 2 That was a nice day and a great view of it from the top floor of the restaurant. 
98 Days Summer
During the summer, they had a 98 days of summer special where certain cocktails were on discount during the week. The one gaffe? We couldn't find any details about the cocktails themselves on this menu or any other one.
Salad We started off with the Raincoast Greens. We had planned to share everything, so what you see here is just half a salad. The salad itself was a mix of spinach topped with avocado, tomato, feta, egg, pecans and some seasonal berries, with a grilled chicken breast added for protein. I liked everything on the plate except for the avocado, but that's a personal preference and nothing against the quality of the ingredient itself. We asked for the lemon-thyme vinaigrette to be placed on the side, so that's why it looks a little "dry". 
Sandwich For our main, we decided to split the Grilled Albacore Tuna Club sandwich, and yes, we asked for the tarragon tartar on the side, actually, we asked for everything on the side, thus the multitude of sauces. The bread was a good combination of crust and suppleness, with neither being too dominant. I am not a fan of yam fries, but there they were, since my friend decided on getting them as the side. 
Although it might look like they were light-handed with the tuna, I have to say this was good balance between bread and fish. The tuna was fresh and seared just a bit, and the arugula inside also helped to give the whole thing a more substantive feel. I do find sandwiches overly "wet" usually, and I loved the control I had in managing this with having all the sauces on the side.

Take Note:

  • This place is crazy busy in the summer, be prepared to wait
  • Check out the concession stand on the side if you're too hungry
  • Cocktails seem a bit watered down, but the watermelon margarita was great.

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