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Monday, September 02, 2013

Heidi's Brunch

One weekend morning, we decided to forego the usual brunch buffet options (Black and Blue, Flying Pig and James St Cafe) and headed to Fraser Street to check out Heidi's Cafe. Honestly, it's not much from the outside, and not that much more on the inside. It's reminiscent of a cafeteria, where you order your food and pay, and they bring it to you when ready. IMG_3913 Reminds me of Pho at Joyeaux Cafe. I don't like this sort of setup because I prefer someone coming to my table to take the order. But let's give this place a chance, shall we, after all, if I pay you before the food comes (a la McDonalds), I shouldn't have to tip, right, or do I? They are social media aware, which really surprised me!
They have a huge selection of loose leaf teas at the counter, and each tea is prepared to order. You still have to go and do your sugar and milk (not brought to the table), so it felt like a weird mix of restaurant and Starbucks.  IMG_3920 So their Full Breakfast is pretty comprehensive. You get your choice of Two Eggs, Bacon and Sausages, as well as Two Slices of Toast and some Home Fries. If you have a small appetite, this is enough for two people. The eggs aren't extra large eggs and the sausages are a bit fatty, but the bacon is solid. Without even asking it to be extra crispy (unlike the turkey bacon from Denny's ), it comes the way you expect. Nothing is overly greasy and it's a solid meal.   IMG_3914 On weekends, they also offer Eggs Benedict. They actually offer two, one is the Classic with Ham, but for a healthier option, they also have the Florentine and Spinach version. As you can see, I'm a traditionalist. I asked for the Hollandaise on the side, so my eggs are a little naked looking. The eggs were soft poached to perfection and the yolk oozes out quickly, easily soaking the ham and English muffin, you barely need the extra sauce. The hash browns were nice and crispy on the outside, give them a douse of HP sauce and ketchup and you're off to the races.

Take Note:

  • Order at the counter and grab a seat.
  • Give their loose leaf teas a try, lots of variety.
  • Very casual atmosphere, kid-friendly too. 

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