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Monday, September 09, 2013

Brunch at Lift

On a nice summer morning, we decided to head to Coal Harbour for a leisurely brunch. My last experience at Lift was not pleasant, but we had a gift card to use up so we went back for a return visit. 
2013-07-20 13.44.21 
This is the complimentary Crisp Bread along with some butter. I don't normally butter my crisps, but I guess some people do? I did love the abundance of sesame though, a nutty and crunchy starter.  2013-07-20 13.39.52 For a change of pace from my last Eggs Benny at Heidi's, I went for their Crab Eggs Benny. There was lots of crab meat and I appreciated that they toasted the English muffin. The eggs were soft poached, and the yolk bursted out in bright orange ooey goodness. The hollandaise was a bit thick but when blended with the yolk, it was just perfect. The hash browns were super crispy and reminded me of latkes, like the ones from Phat 2013-07-20 13.41.50 Another brunch item is the Lift Burger. It's a decent size, with a 6oz beef patty. It sits atop a brioche bun instead of a plain old hamburger bun.  Toppings include the traditional lettuce, tomato and pickles, but they kick it up a notch with some crispy bacon, melted white cheddar cheese and some sweet caramelized onions. It's a big burger so I could only finish the top bun, sacrificing the bottom layer. 

Take Note:

  • Brunch served weekends 11am-3pm
  • Dinner and Game packages for Canucks games
  • Gorgeous rooftop patio with fireplace
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