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Monday, September 23, 2013

Great food and views at Anthony's in Seattle #2DaysInSeattle

As part of our #TwoDaysInSeattle in August, we visited Anthony's Bell Street Diner on Alaskan Way. Serving the freshest of the season, some menu items rotate but many of the seafood selections will remain the same. We weren't overly hungry so we opted for a few things to share.
  The views are stunning and I couldn't resist taking a shot of the pier. I love the glow, don't you?? IMG_3999 Obligatory shot of the Bread and Butter. I rarely see butter served like this in Vancouver, but it's quite common in the US. More sanitary this way, no?  IMG_4002 Although it was a little chilly, we still wanted to sit on the deck, which was gorgeous. To ward off the slight breeze, we got bowls of their Clam Chowder. Although we decided on the New England white chowder, fans of the Manhattan red need not fret, they offer both! The chowder was thick and creamy and loaded with seafood, potatoes and was super filling. IMG_4014 For a casual dining spot, they offer a good Kid's Menu with items such as Fish and Chips, Prawns and Chips and the all-time kid favourite, Macaroni & Cheese. The Grilled Cheese was decent, ooey enough and came with fries for less than $5.IMG_4005Anthony's has a Best of the Season approach to their menu. And back in August, the best of the season were peaches. So we decided to get a Citrus Salmon Peach Salad. The salmon was grilled nicely and the salad greens were a plenty. The peaches were juicy and sweet, and the Citrus salsa-like dressing had a nice tang to it. All in all, the flavours and textures combined well together. IMG_4012 We got one more item to share, and that was the Fishermen's Catch. This had a bit of everything, prawns, wild Alaska salmon, calamari and Alaskan cod. The batter was the same for all the seafood and was fairly light. The calamari was the crispiest, and both the fish were moist and tender. The prawns were good, reminded me of tempura, which is the way I normally eat battered prawns. The views are great, the food is casual and pricing is fair. 

Take Note: 

  • Limited non-seafood selection, I think they have one beef burger and some chicken dishes.
  • Gluten Free menus available. 
  • Parking validated at Art Institute

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