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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Testing out VINYLUX from CND

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to be invited to try out the VINYLUX nail polish system from CND (Creative Nail Designs Inc.). I left my nails bare for the past few weeks, wanting them to recover from several months of Gelish polish. 

Arriving at Pure Nail Bar in Yaletown, I was greeted by some members of the PR team as well as representatives from CND. They explained what the product was, and then let me loose to choose a shade for my manicure. What do you think? 


After a brief soak in some soapy water, a nail and cuticle trim, I was ready for the colour. 
Two things intrigued me with this nail polish system. First, there is no need for a base coat, so that cuts down a bit of time. Secondly, the Weekly Top Coat actually helps prevent chips and yellowing because it toughens with exposure to natural light. 

I also liked the fact that there isn't a need for LED or UV lamps. Just straight polish (two coats), and then the Weekly Top Coat. It also dries faster than traditional nail polish at about eight or nine minutes (vs 15 or 20 normally). You can't go rummaging in your purse right after, but they are dry enough for you to get on with your day. And after a week, when you are up for a color change, simply remove the polist with regular acetone-based polish remover. No need for the long process required with Gelish-type products. 

For my manicure, I decided to go for an ombre look. This isn't something you can really do at home, because it involves Additives that are only available at salons. 

After applying two coats of colour, a bit of pure black pigment powder is painted on just on the tips of the nail and gently brushed down towards the nail bed. Painstaking work. Thank goodness someone else was doing it. A coat of the Weekly Top Coat seals everything in. 

nail All in all, the process took about 45 mins. I was sent home with a lovely goodie bag, complete with my own Weekly Polish Color Coat and Top Coat, as well as some SolarOil (blend of jojoba oil and vitamin E) Minis, a Scentsation Lotion. Oh yes, and a gift certificate to revisit for another VINYLUX manicure.

The Weekly Polish Color Coat and Top Coat each retail for $11.90. For more details about their products, please visit

Thank you for the amazing manicure and the lovely chats. I had a great time and can't wait to try using VINYLUX at home! I'll update this post with a new pic in about a week and let you all see if the polish lasted!
Update: this is my nails after 7 days. The ombre is coming off but most of the polish did last!

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