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Friday, September 30, 2011

Dinner at Charm - appies and more!

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I've been to Charm many times for their great lunch specials, but rarely make it there for dinner. Here is a post of the time I went this past summer. There were 4 of us, and none of us were really hungry, but definitely wanted to try a things. 
I've always loved the appetizers at Charm (perfect for grazing with friends over cocktails), so we decided to order the Appy Platter for 4.You get five different items in total. Top shelf were the Rock Pepper Garlic Prawns with a bit of papaya salad n the side. Second shelf were the Crispy Prawn Wontons with a plum dipping sauce. Also, we have their  drool-worthy Duck Sticks (no, not duck on a stick, they are duck confit spring rolls! Really tasty with the chilli sauce. On the bottom shelf, there are the Thai Spring rolls, vegetarian with a homemade carrot dipping sauce. The Chicken Satays aren't visible in this picture, but they are chicken breast marinated with lemongrass. They serve these with a cucumber & red onion chutney and also a peanut sauce.
The first of the main course was a seafood's their Chiang Mai Bouillabaisse. There are mussels, prawns, fish and some squid served with a refreshing cilantro and lime infused broth. The seafood was cooked just right, and the prawns were nice and firm.
My mom is a huge fan of their Pad Thai - it's the only thing she orders whenever she comes. They make this in the traditional way, with fresh tamarind juice! We had it with chicken this time, but you can choose to have it made with prawns instead too! 
And this is probably my favourite dish of the night (next to the Rock Pepper Garlic Prawns), their Thai Pappardelle. It's served with braised short ribs, in a Thai basil red curry. It's definitely got some heat to it, but the noodles work really well here with the beef and sauce. A very asian spin with the pappardelle. All in all, this was a well-balanced meal for 4 people, a little bit of deep-fried goodness, some seafood, some meats and lots of noodles!

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