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Monday, September 30, 2013

Brunch Tasting at Homer Street Cafe

Last week, I was invited by Rick to be his guest for a Brunch Tasting at Homer Street Cafe. Located at Homer and Smithe, this corner cafe has only been open for lunch and dinner for a few months now. And yes, they are launching their brunch menu on Sundays. 
IMG_4237 We started with some cocktails, on the left is the House Caesar and on the right is the Port of Mumbai. The caesar is with clamato, chicken infused alcohol and gravy with a slice of crispy chicken skin as a garnish. This was tasty, and although I couldn't really taste the chicken, the addition of the gravy made the drink very savory. The other drink is an IPA based cocktail with gin, aperol, citrus and honey, with a big wedge of grapefruit on the rim. Traditionalists will appreciate the Mimosas.
IMG_4239 This is the Rotisol Rotisserie Grill that is truly hypnotic. You watch the meats go in, all pasty and white, and by the time you're done your meal, they all have a nice golden tan. It's mesmerizing, but it's not just for looks! The juices from the meats season the vegetables and potatoes on the base of the grill. Chicken is the main feature here (and yes, they do brine their birds) but you'll also find pork, beef and lamb on offer as well.
IMG_4248 My selection was the Steelhead Trout, with Beef Brisket, Egg and Potatoes. I liked all those things, but I don't think I've ever seen them on one plate. Each element was good, the trout was nice and flakey, the egg yolk was the perfect sauce for this dish. The potatoes had a crispy skin from the drippings, and paired well with the beef brisket. The brisket was fork tender and shredded up easily. Marbled throughout was just a bit of fat for juiciness. Totally delicious and despite appearances, it was a lot of food and I was pretty full afterwards. 
IMG_4247 Kevin decided on the Rotisserie Pork Sausage, served with two eggs, and potatoes, as well as a side of sour dough bread. The sausage was tasty, a touch salty and on the dry side. It wasn't tough, but it just wasn't as fatty as I anticipated. Someone next to us got the Pork Belly and it looked pretty good too!
IMG_4246 Rick got their Eggs Benedict, with bacon, roasted tomatoes with some hollandaise. The presentation was interesting, since the bacon usually is tucked underneath the eggs, but that makes for soggy bacon. This way, the bacon could stay crispy for just a touch longer. 
IMG_4250For dessert, we decided on the Nutella & Banana Monte Cristo. I've never understood the nutella & banana pairing (most commonly in crepes) but now I get it. This really works! Deep-frying the whole thing gives you crunchy exterior to balance out the warm, creamy banana and nutella mixture inside. 

Take Note:

  • Brunch only available on Sundays
  • Sit at the counter to watch the chefs and the rotisserie
  • Lots of comfort food on the regular menu
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