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Sunday, September 01, 2013

Oodles of Noodles at Deer Garden!

The concept is simple. Choose your soup, noodle and toppings plus a hot drink, all for $8.50. The original Fish Soup is pretty mild, alright, it's bland so it's a good thing that they have a wide selection of soup bases. The soups come with cabbage, bean curd skin and mushrooms as a standard, and then you can add two toppings of your choice.  IMG_4091 This one here has some Fish Tofu and Enoki Mushrooms with Flat Rice Noodles in a Spicy Szechuan Soup. I like my food spicy and this really hit the spot. I love the loads of cilantro as well. The noodles were not overcooked or soggy and the fish tofu tasted fresh and had a good bounce. IMG_4087 For a complete opposite, this is their Original Fish Soup with Fish Balls and Fish Tofu, with Instant Noodles as the base. If you like your food on the mild side, this is probably the epitome of that concept. The instant noodles are fun,and again, cooked just right, though it's pretty hard to screw up this university staple. IMG_4077
I think this is the Tomato Pumpkin Fish Soup, with Rice Noodles and some Fish Tofu and extra Bean Curd Skin. This is more middle of the road, not too spicy and not too mild. The broth is delicious and and as you can see, the bowl is packed to the rim! IMG_4080 This was a weird one for me, probably because I don't really like cooked peanuts, but this is their Peanut Sauce and Chili Soup. Add some Chicken Slices and Fish Balls to your Vermicelli Noodles, and you're set. But the peanut flavour is fairly mild, and you can see the chili's contribution at 12 o'clock. Other than that, there isn't any heat in the soup.IMG_4078 This is a the Original Soup again, with some Fish Balls, Fish Tofu and Korean Sweet Potato Crystal Noodles (the ones in Jap Chae). The noodles were really good, but does get quite heavy pretty darn quick. There's no way I could finish this in one sitting. IMG_4084 Did I mention that you can add some Sides (maximum of two per noodle ordered)? We decided on some Deep Fried Fish Puffs (4 to an order for just $1.95) . These had a good bounce, nice fishy flavour and a good sear on the outside.  IMG_4083 We also tried the Pan Fried Pork Chop in Maggi Sauce, simply because I LOVE MAGGI! For $1.75, this was a good addition for the table. And I like that it wasn't overly breaded and pan frying versus deep frying just seems a bit healthier (a bit). IMG_4100 pFor our last side dish, we got two orders of their Deep Fried Chicken Wings. You really can't miss with these unless they came out super oily and soggy. Fortunately, this was neither and actually had a nice crispy skin. 
For $1.75 for three wings, it's not a great deal (compared to some places serving up $0.25 wings) but I appreciated the lack of breading on these, so that the skin remained flavourful and had a nice natural crunch. 

Take Note:

  • Long waits during peak hours.
  • Go for the food, not for the service.
  • As for your hot drink to come at the end of meal so it doesn't cool off while you eat.

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