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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Reunited at Lafflines

Back in August, I went to B's reunion with him. With the promise of a night of comedy at Lafflines and a could I refuse!?
I have to admit, I don't have a strategy for buffets...I know...pathetic right? I grabbed salad, pasta salad, slices of cheese, poached veggies, and a gigantic rib. Obviously the signs of someone without a plan.
Because of the first round's mish mash, I was determined to be a little bit more focused for the second round. Just prime rib and mashed potatoes, loaded with gravy and a smattering of horseradish.
This was B's second round. Obviously, he tried to compensate for his second helping of prime rib but throwing some veggies on top. Well, at least he tried...and yeah, the grapes totally tie in with it all.
Ahhh...the desserts...honeydues, watermelon, nanaimo bars, brownies and grapes. I know it looks healthy with a bit of decadence, but I can tell you we didn't eat everything on the plate...wonder what we left behind..hmm?

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