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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Coast with a Co-Worker

Haven't had lunch with a work buddy in ages, due to busy-ness of the season, vacations and other time off. Fortunately, we decided to catch up over lunch at Coast. Their lunch box specials are a great value, and they usually have you out of there in an hour.
The place was pretty busy when we arrived at noon - good thing we had reservations! They sat us down, and we were quickly presented with an amuse bouche. It was a little bit of smoked salmon atop a crostini along with some herbs and fried capers. A pretty good start to the meal!
They have two lunch boxes, a His and Hers. The His comes with the New England clam chowder (white), fish and chips, along with wedge salad. The Hers consists of the Manhattan clam chowder (red), tuna sashimi salad, shrimp wrap. Both of us decided on the Hers. However, I changed mine to the New England clam chowder instead. They are very accommodating at Coast, and are willing to make substitutions if possible. So the one you see above is mine.
Sally opted to have Her lunchbox the say it was meant to be, complete with the Manhattan chowder.
The tuna sashimi salad is 3 slices of really fresh sashimi on a bed of shaved carrots, daikon and other veggies. They are sliced up to be noodle-like, and makes the salad seem more a cold noodle dish versus just a salad, sort of like a zarusoba.
The other part of the box is the Shrimp Wrap, lovely cocktail shrimp mixed with a bit of tarragon and celery hearts, and then layers on top of a grilled naan bread and watercress.
All three items, soup, salad and wrap are yours for $13 at lunch. Really, it's almost a steal. I finished the salad and soup and took the wrap home for dinner. So essentially, I ate all day for $13. Coast Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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