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Monday, October 11, 2010

Stay home for Samurai

The ikura sushi is loaded with fresh ikura, bursting with salty goodness. The tobiko is nice and crunchy...both were awesome. The spicy scallop has a bit of the tobiko too, along with a bit of mayo and a swirl of hot sauce. The rice can be a little hard at times, but not today.
We also got their assorted sashimi, with tuna, tako and salmon, along with some surf clam. We also got the scallop roll...loaded with scallop. And the mini one you see there is the NegiHama roll better than NegiToro...Next time you are too lazy to make dinner, as long as you are not too lazy to drive, you should try this place. Samurai Sushi House on Urbanspoon
Instead of heading out for dinner, again, we decided to stay home and get take out instead. Samurai is close and always reliable. 

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