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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Last meal in TO at George

After a disastrous dinner, we decided to end my trip on another "G" named restaurant. We found ourselves at George on Queen. It would be my last meal in TO for a while...let's make it a good one. I remembered to take a picture of the bread basket! Woo hoo, and it was as good one.

I had one martini here...and it kicked my ass!
The amuse bouche...god, I wish I could remember what this was!
My appetizer...BC salmon ($19) with fiddleheads, my first time ever! There are some two other additions here that I have never eaten in a western restaurant before...
A poached quail egg...and a raw clam...yes, a raw clam...weird, but good! It was rounded out with Pistachio Farro and a mild apricot Aji Vinaigrette
We also tried the yellow fin tuna($19) with three different salads...sorry folks, lost my notes!
My main course was the Rack of Lamb ($25)...served with fresh peas and a potato torte...pretty good.
The other main course was the Pacific Halibut ($23) with a brazil nut curry and a cauliflower salad.
I wish I have a better recollection of this meal, but without my notes, I can only damn martini ever!

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