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Monday, October 11, 2010

Family Dinner at Ning Tu

Ah...a family dinner at Ning Tu, I always look forward to these! There's always Peking Duck and new and interesting dishes to try.
The starter was a mixture of pork cubes, marinated fish, drunken chicken and jellyfish. My favourite is the jellyfish...and the chicken...
Sorry for the blurry's what happened when I take photos with the iPhone instead of the Berry, with its built-in anti shake feature. These bean curd rolls are filled with preserved meat, and the soup is made heartier with vermicelli. Yeah, good comfort food.
Deep fried garlic crab...I am not a huge fan of crab, I prefer lobster most of the time. But considering it was deep fried and garlicy...I was sold.
One of my all time favourite foods...Peking Duck! They really know how to make it here, the secret is to slice the skin off the duck that it's not like stuffing a piece of bbq duck into the paper thin crepe. It should be skin in skin...loaded with green onion and hoisin sauce, of course.
And part two of the duck fiesta...stirfried duck meat with veggies and vermicelli, all wrapped up with lettuce. It's so simple, but the fact that you can play with your food is the best part!
Here is something new...spinach topped with egg whites, whipped up to simulate crab meat. And yes, for all you salmonella worriers out there, that is indeed a raw egg.
This is my mom's favourite, deep fried fish breaded with a seaweed batter. The sauce that comes with this dish is traditionally vinigar, but they also present you with ketchup and mayonnaise here. It's like they think they are making fish and chips! 
Here is another new dish...stirfried beef surrounded by pillows of yummy steamed buns. I don't know if you are supposed to put the beef inside the bun or not, but I ate the bun all on it's own, using it to mop up all the beefy sauce.
If you like Shanghainese food, you've probably had this before...deep fried pork ribs, lightly flavoured with garlic and seasoned salt. This dish is a homerun everytime.
For the mushroom loveres in the house...more veggies topped with oyster mushrooms. These might have been King Oyster mushrooms...super meaty, and not as juicy as a portobello.
Finally reaching the finish line...stirfried yee mein, with shredded pork and bean sprouts. Load this up with chilli sauce and you've got a satisfying end to a great meal.
Oh boy...sesame dough balls served with a wine chewy, so gooey.
More deep fried goodness, this time sweet dough balls filled with milk and sprinkled with sugar. Yeah, I'm done. NingTu Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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