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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pati-OH at Cactus Club

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Ah...the lazy days of summer. My bff was downtown celebrating a good friend's birthday. I found out and decided to crash it, since I work close by. I was joined by another good friend too...yay, more mouths means more food choices!
B and I decided share two of our favourites...the one you see here, is their Spinach Salad. Any salad that has prosciutto in it, it's a good choice in my book. Loaded with spinach (of course), and cabbage and arugula, there are some pickled beets and pears too. There are two types of cheeses here, goat and parmesan. Scattered about are some candied pecans, and the whole thing is topped with a light vinaigrette and balsamic reduction.
Our other lunchtime favourite is their Halibut Soft Tacos. It's a pair of tortillas filled with a green cabbage slaw with cajun-spiced halibut, lightly seared, and dressed with a bit of chipotle aioli. The filling is not too wet, so it is possible to eat it withouit making a complete mess. The salsa and guacamole aren't needed for the tacos. The chips they serve with this are a nice touch, and those condiments fit them perfecty.
One of the other people at the table ordered something that I have always wanted to try, the West Coast Pockets. It's three inari pockets...filled with rice and avocado, and sealed with wild smoked salmon on one end. There are pea shoots as well as tobiko too. Looks light and fresh, I think I could give this a go next time I'm here, except it might be a bit too carby for me...must find someone to share this with!  
No birthday lunch would be complete without a few bevvies...a simple martini and their famous Brazilian. Yes, that's the way to celebrate! 

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