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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lunching with BFF at Town Hall

A few weeks ago, my BFF and I headed to Town Hall on Alberni for a quick lunch. Not feeling like anything too heavy, we decided to order a few appetizers to share. 
We got some Blackened Snapper Fish Tacos...Instead of corn or flour tacos, they use wonton-like skins. There is a bit of greens along with the fish, and then tossed with peach salsa & lime dressing. And all for $11.50. 
Wanting to feel a little healthy, we also got the Chopped Chicken Salad for $15.50. It's loaded with romaine hearts, chopped celery and other micro greens. There are also apple chunks and grapes, topped with a smattering of croutons and bacon. The dressing is made with blue cheese, but not overly pungent. You get a lot of chicken with the salad... 
You should also try their "new school" chicken wings. For $12, you get six whole chicken wings...drums, wingettes and tips! Really good and light, since it's not breaded. The sweet chile & garlic dipping sauce is almost unnecessary...a little too cloyingly sweet. 
See how pretty this is...perfect grill marks!
And how cute is this fingerbowl...rosemary and lemon wedge, too precious!
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