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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Tims, the BELT...every Friday

So I've decided to eat a BELT every Friday. Call it a treat, call it a food fail, but it hits the spot.
October 1...basic BELT on a sesame bagel.
Open - faced.
October 8 - BELT - sesame bagel, double toasted, no butter.
MMM...bacon...and that's a lot of egg.
See the difference from the Oct 1 bagel? The tomato and the lettuce are stacked together.
But the first one had the tomato on top. Interesting...
October 15 - BELT, again double toasted, no butter, but with a sausage patty, and a side of Bieber.
October 17 - I know, it's a Sunday...but it's perfect food for flying.
They didn't have sesame bagel, but they did have the "everything" bagel, even has poppy seeds!
October 29 (yup, I missed the 22 edition), no Tims in Palm Springs.
Had it with the sesame bagel, again with sausage, and a generous helping of cheese and egg.
Our company's social committee also doled out treats for halloween. Yum!
Okay, I have to tell the truth, I don't actually eat this every week.
Sometimes, I just inhale the bacon and sausage aroma, so good...mmm...bacon.
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