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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thirsty Thursday?

Meeting an old friend for a drink at the new Coast. Considering it's so close to where I park, I'm actually shocked that I haven't been there more often. Just lunch once, dinner once, and now drinks once. Maybe they should open for breakfast!
Had a two-drink two-hour chillout with friend, and got stopped no less than FOUR times by someone saying HI...sigh...hate being the loser of the bunch. No one even messaged me! But got the best compliment..."you know your restaurant-biz, my dear", spoken by a resto owner no less. Damn straight I do!
Had an invitation to a Mexican art gallery opening at Emily Carr...but a girl can not just head out with less than 24 hours notice, so at home now and chilling with my French Rabbit. Dinner is the last of my leftovers, of which is the Blue Water tower and a bit of Shanghai Wonderful...either to eat or regrettably toss.

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