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Thursday, September 10, 2009

NEVER FORGET / French Friday

Had a long day at work but the monotony was broken up by a lunch at Cactus Club. We both had Diet Cokes and the Rocket's like we were twins...except I didn't finish mine, but he did.
Back to work and then chatted with the receptionist about getting eyelash extensions from Wink...sounded like a fun thing to do...but $65!?
Anyways, got home after work and napped a bit before getting ready for dinner. Friend came to pick me up in his "old man car" some Mercedes with a push button start and hard's a nice car, but just not for someone in my age group!
Dinner was at Bistro Pastis...we got foie gras (guilty pleasure) and two tenderloins, pork for him, and beef for me. YUMMY.
Headed to Earl's for a drink and then home to bed. During drinks, he revealed that he didn't really forgot his smokes or wallet on Tuesday...he purposely came by to check on me, after my rather eventful weekend. I was so so so much so.
I am a lucky girl.

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