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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Family time Thursday

Went for another stroll today during lunch and walked almost all the way to Hapa...nice to get out of the office during the day.Got home after work and changed to head out to dinner with the parents. Drove over and parked the car, and then we all headed to Les Faux Bourgeois for a yummy dinner! The food was fabulous, the wine was delicious, and the price...very reasonable. Dinner for 3 here was actually cheaper than dinner for the 3 of us last week at Cactus Club! We will definitely be back!
Went home to get my care package of dried chinese shitakes, cried scallops, cans of tuna, and tons of yam noodles. I *heart* my mom. Care packages are so sweet! Can't wait to make something yummy this weekend.

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