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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunny Sunday

Woke up to a message that my mom was standing me up! Instead of coming over to review lighting options for my place followed by dinner, she was heading into Point Roberts where we have a cabin. Sigh...decided to force myself to go to Ikea (yes, on an SUNDAY) and return the light that I didn't like. Waiting there seems like hell sometimes...just sitting there watching the number creep closer towards the ticket in your hand. Ended up buying some cushions, plates and candles, plus a vase for my kitchen utensils. Was looking for their wooden adjustable cutlery tray, but couldn't find it. I guess I'll have to keep looking elsewhere.
Went by Burnaby Mountain again, but it was so packed - not a single parking spot in sight! Grrr...headed back down the mountain and homeward bound. Sat on the common area outside my building, yes, I was determined to soak up the sun. Unfortunately, the shining star made playing on the DSi a little hard, sigh!
Stayed home for dinner and made myself some Shrimp Angel hair pasta, but instead of all pasta, I mixed some bean sprouts into it to hike up the veggie content and lower the calorie content.
Couldn't sleep so decided to build the candle holder I bought on clearance a few weeks ago...too late to return now.
Can't believe I've lost 4 pounds already this Happy!

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