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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Shopping Saturday

Had decided early last night that I needed to satisfy my BBQ Duck craving...headed to Congee Noodle House, and satisfied it! YUMMY!! Also went to T&T and bought myself enough meat to last a month...chicken wings, chicken thighs, chicken gizzards, chicken hearts, (and before you think I have some misguided grudge against chickens), pork short ribs, and quails. Now that I am home, I realized I should have bought some Shitake mushrooms and even some ground beef. Oh well...I will remember when I am back there, I'm sure.
Stayed home again and made my Soy Sauce Chicken with hearts, gizzards and wings, Super Yummy!
Fell asleep watching TNG...bliss...except bad kink in neck now!

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