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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wings and Hockey Wednesday

Went for a walk with a girl at work today, and had a nice time. We walked to an optical store where she was going to buy her coloured contacts. We had a good chat.
After work, I went to shop for sunglasses after work, but decided that it’s really hard to spend your last $300 credit from your benefits…not to be renewed until March 2011…on sunglasses…when it’s September, and you live in Vancouver, where it won’t be sunny until March 2010!
So, despite getting a really good deal on a pair of Gucci’s, it was decided that if I didn’t LOVE it, then I shouldn’t get it. I could always pray for Santa to bring it for me.
Headed to Earl’s to watch the preseason game…ordered wings (because it’s Wings Wednesday!) and calamari as appetizers, then a full back of hickory ribs to share. Unfortunately, our not-so-pretty-to-be-that-dumb waitress skipped our appetizer order completely. We polished off the ribs and then had the wings for dessert instead. Good thing in a way, since we decided to skip the calamari altogether, only so many fried things at one sitting please.
Watched up to the 10-minute mark of the third period and decided to head home. Just didn’t think the Canucks could pull out of it.
Well, wouldn’t you know…in the 5 minutes it takes to drive home, the Canucks made it 3-2…we did catch the game-tying goal and the OT along with the shootout…so I guess it was alright. Should have known better to leave in the middle of the game…but we were out of vino…

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