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Monday, September 07, 2009

Happy Labour Day

After a whirlwind 110 hours, I am sitting in my own apartment again. But before amnesia reigns...let me blurt it all out now!
Places I've Been
  • Burnaby - Cactus Club
  • Granville Island - wuffles and meows
  • West Vancouver - Fraiche & Dundarave Pier
  • Downtown - Market @ Shangri-la
  • Robson - Guu
  • Victoria/Malahat - Aerie
  • Cowichan and Duncan Wineries
  • Victoria, Oak Bay - Marina Restaurant
  • Yaletown - Cioppino's & Goldfish
  • Richmond - Shanghai Wonderful
  • Gastown
  • Olympic Clock
  • Yaletown - again - Blue Water,

Things I have learnt...
  • Any YVR store will have dog stuff: food bowls, toys, etc.
  • Nuts live at the beach - like the one scrubbing his feet at the pier.
  • Izakaya crawls requires tremendous restraint at the first stop.
  • I drive in 40 mins what Google said takes 60 - but only at 6am!
  • Wine tours are best done when someone else is driving...
  • Breaking bread with a winemaker is a pretty cool experience.
  • Swartz Bay is far from Victoria.
  • I have to take ALL three skytrains to get to Yaletown,
  • I can get downtown via cab for $25, and no walking in the rain.
  • Cioppino is in his restaurant even on a weekend!
  • A seafood tower contains more food than expected: 10 oysters
  • Shanghainese Food is best in Richmond...even my mom agreed (when the dumpling burst in her mouth)!
  • Gastown really is a tourist trap...but strewn with furniture stores with pieces too big for tourist to lug home.!

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