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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Slovenly Saturday

Headed out for dimsum at my favorite place - Kirin at Starlight. Since I've been there so much, I think I need to find a new place! Also drove around the Burnaby area to scope out possible neighbourhoods...Living downtown is just TOO much of a premium!
Chilled out for the afternoon in anticipation for a very hectic evening at Moxie's to watch hockey. Bringing my jersey and fully intend to wear it!
Our waitress claims to not follow hockey until she moved to Vancouver...turns out she's from the, not Hawaii, but Vancouver Island...why wouldn't you follow hockey if you're there!?
Oh well, after the awful loss we suffered, we all decided to further drown our sorrows at Hapa - just a few drinks and some Tuna Tataki!

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