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Monday, May 25, 2009

So, had an appointment after work to meet up with my realtor to see the place. And of course, today is the day we have a press release at 3:45 pm! Argh, and of course, there was a problem with the release, and had to wait for some back and forth before I could officially send it out. Got to the condo fifteen minutes late, and completely frazzled. Even she said…take a minute. I was about to keel over from stress and lack of food. Fortunately, being in the condo cheered me up and I was able to forge onward!
Went for a drink after a few hours of checking the place out, just to the local Cactus Club. Fairly early night, in bed by 11pm, as it should be. Higher hopes for tomorrow to hit the 10pm bedtime.

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