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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saucy Saturday

Didn’t get too much done during the day today but was craving BBQ duck. Managed to find it at Au Wing Kee on Kingsway, and it was pretty good. For me, that means that the fat is easily removable! After that, I had to go home and review all the strata documents that were provided to me by the seller, and make extremely detailed notes on what questions to ask.
Went out to Sun Sui Wah for dinner, as I was craving Squab! And they also had a special on prawns – I was in heaven. Only downer…there was a 40 minute wait for the table, and we all had to suffer through some very boring wedding speeches, invited guests or not…Oh, and they thought we skipped out on the bill when we all went for a smoke after dinner. We asked them to pack the food and had about a half a bottle of wine left on the table. He came out to see if we were smoking, but for some silly reason, the waiter didn’t recognize us. I guess it shows you the level of service we were getting, right?
After that, the party continued at Circa. Since I’d already eaten, I only had a bit of wine. However, everyone who ate there thought the food was horrible. Only the edamame got a good review, and it’s pretty hard to screw THAT up! Headed over to Ginger afterwards…wow, do I ever feel old! Clubbing is too weird for me now…loud, obnoxious, and people that talk way too loud!

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