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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thrill-a-minute Thursday

First off-site conference for me with this new company and it was amazing! Kickoff breakfast was yummy, and the facilitator had some really interactive games for team building. I had to also coordinate a photo shoot on top of everything else, but it all went quite smoothly. A few of the men dropped out of the shoot, so I actually had a few minutes of extra time where I actually got in the makeup artists chair and in front of the camera myself! YAY – very supermodel diva moment for me.
And don’t forget my housing crisis! Heard from the seller’s realtor that they were reviewing another offer as well as the counteroffer. Decided that being offsite was not conducive to me writing my own offer and subjects. And since a friend of mine just bought a place, I figured it would be a good time to hit him up for a referral. Within a day, I had to place an offer and learn all about “How to Buy a House”. Since the only one I ever had before was from the builder, there was no agent involved on my side. Anyhoo, I was able to get her to email the document to the hotel where I was staying, and go over it on the phone with her, sign it, and fax back a proper offer, all before the seller’s deadline! WHEW…and then…she called…and they counter offered…and instead of re-counter-offering– since we were pretty close, I bit the bullet and did it! My nerves were fried – I think I actually chain-smoked while waiting to tell someone the news!!
After my dinner was done, I decided to go and celebrate at Hapa – just a few drinks to celebrate home-ownership!

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