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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Time to Tango Thursday

So, crunch time...if the credit thing doesn't take care of itself by EOD, I'm taking some drastic steps to get it taken care of. And when I plan something, you can bet that it is going to be ruthless. Had lunch at Market to take away my stress today. Went with a great friend who always keeps me entertained with stories of her very exciting life. Unfortunately, Market is just awful for timing, because by the time my entree came, we were already an hour into lunch. Had to pack the whole thing to go, and couldn't even stick around for the bil...note to self, I owe her #35.
After work, I decided to see if the credit problems were resolved, and thankfully, they were, more or less. But at least it's done now, and it's time for celebrating! Went to Moxie's, of the infamous Hockey nights, and had a little bottle of something. Their $7 off bottles of wine on Thursday is pretty amazing. And we finally got the macho nachos!

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